Mean 15

mean15_purple_reverend_full_CLEAR_BACKGROUND_400Mean 15

Rectifier: GZ34
Power: 2 x EL84
Preamp: 2 x 12AX7








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A portable 1×12 with attitude – this is the Mean 15.

When most people think of 15-18 watt amps they think of distortion machines.  I *really* didn’t want to go down that road and just make another clone that’s a one-trick pony.  With single coils the Mean 15 stays clean nearly all the way up the dial.  Humbuckers add some juicy grit, with a lot of dynamics.  The simple controls make it easy to find your sound, and the headroom along with a master volume control make this very pedal-friendly.

I love the 12″ Warehouse Veteran 30 in this amp – lots of power and lots of detail are on tap at all volume settings.

See the pictures below for more details – click to enlarge.

mean15_purple_front._CLEAR_BACKGROUND_FULL_400 mean15_purple_rear_CLEAR_BACKGROUND_400 mean15_purple_reverend_close_CLEAR_BACKGROUND_400