Rectifier: 5Y3
Power: 2 x 6V6
Preamp: 2 x 12AX7
Cabinet Variation: Vintage or Modern (click for details)
Speaker Options:
2 x 10″
1 x 12″
Weight: ~35


 Deluxe_MASTER_resizedclick control image for larger detail

This might be my favorite amp of all time, and I certainly wouldn’t be alone in that group.

Based on the legendary 5E3 circuit the Deluxe is 12 watts of great tone.  Keep the volume dial down around 9-10 o’clock for a jazz tone that’s thick but clear, or turn it up for for one of the best blues sounds there is.  Jumper the channels and you’re in high gain territory without being thrown out of the club.

This amp is available in both a 2×10″ or 1×12″ speaker configuration – both of those options can either be housed in the “vintage” or “modern” style cabinet.

See below for additional pictures and click to enlarge.