If your amplifier isn’t working properly, or isn’t working at all, I can get that repaired for you.  Everything from major rebuilds to replacing a broken pot can get taken care of.  


One thing many musicians don’t know is that electronics do need some attention once in a while, and amplifiers are no exception.  Amplifiers are full of electrolytic capacitors, which are typically only good for 15-20 years, whether they’ve been in heavy use or sitting in storage.  In many amps you’ll see bulging or venting once they get much older than that, which looks something like this picture taken from a vintage Fender:

Even if your older amp is working well, it’s a good idea to get it serviced to make sure it’s always ready and sounding it’s best for the next gig.

Repair Rates

$60 per hour plus the cost of parts

I don’t charge a “bench” or “diagnostic” fee, because with electronics you have to fix the issue to confirm it really is fixed.  I like to use the car example – a technician can look at your brakes and physically see what parts are worn, but inside a circuit we can’t see the electricity, so the only way to confirm something is fixed is to actually get it fixed and properly tested.

Once an amplifier is fixed I don’t just hand it back to you either – I always make sure to run it for a minimum of two hours.  That allows the tubes and chassis to get hot, making sure all the connections are good and any gremlins are completely chased down so it is reliable for daily use.


Fender Gold Certified electronics technician – Fender Authorized warranty work