Super all the things!

HELLO TO MY ADORING FANS.  I have those, right?  Right.

Yeah, it’s been a while since there’s been an official blog post but I have a good reason I swear!

So why is the title “super all the things”?  Well, on the workbench right now is a nice little Fender Super Champ that’s getting a standard recap, a Super Reverb that really doesn’t want to have tremolo for some reason, and a super messed up mid ’60s Epiphone that somebody thought would be great if they turned it into some high gain Mesa-ish beast in the 80s.  Pro tip – it was not great.

Oh yeah – I totally got a super new house too!  This means that soon I’ll have a dedicated wood shop for cabinets.  So none of this “I can only cut wood when it’s not raining” or “winter” getting in my way.  It’s going to be a while before everything is setup and running, but it’s gonna be great once I reach that point.

With all that going on and the repairs I’ve been taking in I haven’t much time for my own amps lately, but I have some good ideas.  Along with a few half-built Deluxes and Mean 15s I really want to try a new amp.  Something in the 35ish watt range with reverb, but with some twists that will make it unique.  It’s only February so we’ll see if that happens this year!

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