Hatt Amps Four-Stroke

Rectifier: 5AR4
Power: 2 x 6L6
Preamp: 3 12AX7’s
4 Jensen P10R speakers
Weight: ~50 pounds







The one that started it all.  The amp dreams are made of.  The one that gets your motor running.  This is the Four-Stroke.

Based on the classic 5F6-A circuit this amp pushes 45(ish) watts of power through 4, ten-inch speakers.  A classic configuration used in everything from swing bands in the ’50s through modern music of today.  There’s a reason this is the most copied amplifier of all time – it sounds killer.  No matter what you put in front of it – single coils, humbuckers, P90s – the amp sounds full and clear.

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