For Sale at Elderly Instruments

It’s been a busy week here at the shop but I’m excited to announce that Elderly Instruments now has a Deluxe model for sale!!!  You can check out the link at for the full description and you can also visit my “Deluxe” page at for more details.


After being a long-time customer of Elderly I’m proud to have one of my instruments for sale through them.  Not only are they world renown for stocking great products they also stock great people who play the instruments they sell and are always there to answer questions.  Extra special thanks to Mike S, Mike T, and Ray for making the entire process of selling a product there incredibly easy.

2 Replies to “For Sale at Elderly Instruments”

  1. Hi I checked out your amp online at elderly, it looks really nice and the price seem very reasonable for a handmade amp …are you sure you making money on this ? LOL …anyways I would love to check it out in person and plug in! maybe when the snow clears ..anyways good luck the amp looks great!

  2. Hey Mike!

    Thanks for checking out my site! Since this is my first amp for sale at Elderly it’s at an introductory price – there likely won’t be another at this price point, but I also don’t understand some of the crazy high prices for “handmade” gear. If you can get through the snow go check it out!