Cartoon Amp???

Hey everyone!  I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the “cartoon amp” that I’ve been using as a placeholder.  Currently this image is on the Mean 15R page – since this amp is in development and doesn’t exist yet I don’t have a picture of it, I needed to put something there.

So……….enter the cartoon amp.


This cartoon is based off the very first amp I built back in the day:


Actually, this first amp happened completely by accident.  See…I wanted to build a 2×10 extension cabinet with scrap wood I had from other projects just to try out some different speakers.  Well, I was totally new at woodworking as well and maybe kinda accidentally measured some things wrong so my speaker baffle had a 2 inch gap from the top of the cabinet.  I was fine with it because I as just using this at home for playing around with speakers so it didn’t bother me at all, and I wasn’t going to buy any more wood because I was never going to build more cabinets (oh silly my not anticipating the future….).  Anyway, I got to looking at it and though “Huh, an amp should fit in there – that could be fun!”  Things escalated from there, and that’s how it got started.

I ended up using that amp exclusively for a few years and it’s still in my music room today so I thought it would be fitting to honor that first event with a place on my website, even if that place is just a placeholder.

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